Past Life Regression Reading


“If you don’t make peace with your past, it will keep showing up in your present.” -unknown

I remembered receiving my past life reading. It was a profound experience because I was told by few different Psychic Mediums that I had few past lives as a Nun and that I took a vow of silence. That described me to the T because growing up, I struggled with using my voice and/or self-expression.

As a young girl, I was also very shy and quiet. I remember feeling anxious when speaking. I stuttered with my words and could not express exactly what I wanted. That affected my self-esteem greatly.

Until not too long ago, I received a reading into my past lives and it was relieving me of my self-conscious issues. Not only that it relieved me but it also began my healing work on my self-expression.

I am working on it by writing daily and slowing myself down when I find myself stuttering with my words. My self-expression has improved greatly and I do not feel stuck or self-conscious. It does not mean my self-expression issue will be cured or disappeared but with the past life reading, it empowers me to share my thoughts, feelings, and emotions without fear of repercussions.

The pain will always be a part of you but yet it is your greatest strength. Working through it is what sets you free mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Past Life Regression reading is where I go back into your past lives and see which lifetime has been carrying into this current life that might affect you. For instance, you might find yourself feeling stuck in the same pattern and you know deep in your heart that you are meant to break the pattern but struggles with breaking away from it.

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in phobias or paralyzing fears that seem to come out of the nowhere. That’s usually a memory you have carried from the past life into your current life. That might be also a karmic lesson which means the lesson you have not learned and/or passed in the past lives and you have to go through the similar lesson to pass it.

With this reading, I will pull cards from the deck called “Past Life Oracle Cards” to receive impressions from the cards as well as retrieving visions from the past lives.

While retrieving messages and insights about your past lives, I will also work on the solution and how can you heal from it. I believe that learning about our past lives can be quite liberating and bring healing up to speed. It might share insights about how can you reach your potential.

At the end of the reading session, I will channel prayers to help with releasing karmic lessons and/or vows that might be hindering you. I will also channel helpful prayers to help with your healing and boost your energy to move forward.

This reading will be taken place over Skype chat, Facebook Messenger and/or video chat. If you’re deaf and/or use American Sign Language, we will connect via Facebook video chat. If you do not know American Sign Language, do not worry! We can still connect through Facebook messenger or Skype chat form.

This Past Life Regression reading is one hour long live session for $125 US Dollars. Please fill out the form to allow me to understand your concerns and inquiries better before we begin our session.

After the reading request form is submitted, you will be transferred to the next page to make the payment via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, please choose to “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.”

After the payment is received, I will send a follow-up email.

Thank you!

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